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Welcome to the Volkswagen Electric Hub, your go-to spot for exciting EV news, electrifying updates about our ID. family, useful how-to guides, and more.

Welcome to the Volkswagen Electric Hub, your go-to spot for exciting EV news, electrifying updates about our ID. family, useful how-to guides, and more.

Some electrifying news

Some electrifying news

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We are thrilled to share that Volkswagen Group and PowerCo will be building a battery cell factory in St. Thomas, Ont, putting Canada and its workers in the fast lane of Volkswagen’s global shift to electric mobility.

Find out more about this historic announcement.

Pierre Boutin, President and CEO of Volkswagen Group Canada on EVs and building a Canadian gigafactory

Our President and CEO, Pierre Boutin, discusses the global shift to electric vehicles and Volkswagen’s commitment to #ElectricForEveryone. Read on to know what is on the horizon for Volkswagen and Canada.

Volkswagen Canada CEO Pierre Boutin

Plug in to the latest

The Little ID.4 Ride

What would be more electrifying than a test drive in the all-electric ID.4? Doing it along with Pier-Luc. And his family. With lots of room for feel-good electric vibes. See it for yourself.

Our North American EV plant is officially up and running

Our plant in Chattanooga is open, and ID.4 production is ramping up. See why this is exciting news for Canada.

The undisputed EV value champ

The 2022 ID.4 is the winner of The 2022 Vincentric Best Value Electric Vehicle in Canada. Check out why this extraordinary EV came out on top.

We’re well on our way

Now that we’ve fully set our sights on a fun, exciting electric future for all, we feel like we’re off to a pretty good start.

Making the electric switch

We totally get it. Switching to an EV may feel like a big step, and that’s okay. If you’re curious, here are some of the reasons why EVs are easier than ever to get into. (Spoiler alert: they come with plenty of perks.)

9 everyday things that can take longer than charging your EV to 100%

“How long does an EV take to charge to 100%?” That’s a question we hear a lot. While it’s not as quick as gassing up (for now, anyway), it can be as easy as charging it at home overnight or quickly during a road trip pit stop. But if you’re worried that an EV might take forever to fully charge, here are 9 everyday things that can take longer to do.

Canadian winter meet German-engineered EV

Living through finger-numbing weather, slippery roads and what feels like never-ending snowfalls. Hats off to you, Canadians – you sure are winter pros, and we aim to keep it that way. That’s why Volkswagen EVs are designed to live up to your reputation.

3 EV charging levels and where to find them

One question that comes up more than “What can I charge my EV with?” is “Where can I charge my EV?” Here’s a quick rundown of the 3 levels of EV charging and where to find them, be it downtown, in the suburbs or somewhere in between.

Electric sounds good, too

Enjoy some tasty pieces of ear candy in our Feels Good Playlist.

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Stay in charge

Like the one in your phone, a high-voltage EV battery ages over time. So, we included an onboard system (Battery Management System) that automatically helps protect your Volkswagen EV battery. Here’s a few more battery-protecting tips:

  • It may sound odd, but it’s ok to not fully charge your battery. Rule of thumb: keep it under 80% to hop across town and charge it over 80% for road trips.
  • Try to keep your battery charged between 20% and 90% over long periods of time. A happy medium makes a happy battery.
  • DC fast charging is convenient, but not always needed. Back-to-back road trip DC fast charges are fine, but everyday DC fast charges around town, not so much.