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Customized to your Volkswagen, our factory-recommended maintenance schedule helps prevent potential problems before they begin – with expert, Volkswagen-trained technicians and Volkswagen Parts.

Here’s another reason why it pays to maintain your VW with us: pay for your first expert VW Brake Pad and Disc replacement service, and we’ll cover the cost of your genuine VW Brake Pads for as long as you own your vehicle (installation and brake discs are extra).

Our People First Promise

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We’re working diligently to help ensure the safety of our customers with contactless sales and service, convenient pick-up and delivery options, 24-hour online service appointment bookings, and worry-free Dealership sanitization.

Worry-free service financing 

Worry-free service financing 

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In the event your Volkswagen needs unexpected repairs, you now have the option to give yourself more time and peace of mind by deferring your repair costs over 3, 6, or 12 months with our worry-free service financing for as little as 0% APR. Life can be unpredictable; don’t let it stop our VW-certified technicians from tending to your vehicle the moment you need it.

Stay on schedule with our service timeline

Volkswagen’s factory-recommended service schedules are designed to keep your service costs remarkably affordable and predictable. Every regular scheduled service visit includes our comprehensive multi-point inspection and a 2-year / unlimited-kilometre limited warranty on Volkswagen parts and labour*.

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*A limited warranty of 2 years, with no kilometre limit, applies when parts and accessories are ordered and installed after the purchase or lease of your vehicle. Parts and accessories must be sold and installed by a Canadian Volkswagen dealer to qualify for both parts and labour coverage. Labour coverage is exclusive for parts and accessories installed by a Canadian Volkswagen dealer.

Brake pads for life

Nothing lasts forever. Especially your brake pads. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Once you’ve paid for your first expert VW brake pad and disc replacement service at a certified Volkswagen Dealer, we’ll cover the replacement cost of your genuine VW brake pads for the life of your vehicle, as long as you own the vehicle (installation and brake discs are extra).* Now that’s an offer worth stopping in for. 

*To be eligible for the Lifetime Brake Pad warranty program, a customer must first purchase a set of new Volkswagen Brake Pads and matching Volkswagen Brake Discs and have these installed by a Volkswagen Dealer in Canada. Thereafter, the cost of replacement brake pads will be covered at no charge, as long as the same customer still owns the vehicle for which the first set of replacement brake pads and discs was purchased and installed by a VW Dealer in Canada. This Lifetime Brake Pad Warranty program is non-transferable. The program does not include cost of new Brake Discs, or installation.

Multi-point inspection

Every. Single. Important. Detail. That’s what our Volkswagen dealers check when you take your vehicle in for service.

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When you bring your vehicle to a Volkswagen dealership between your factory-recommended service intervals, a Volkswagen Certified Technician will perform the following multi-point inspection, designed to catch potential issues before they become problematic:

Tire wear inspection

Tire pressure check

Brake pad wear

Battery condition check

Engine, fluid and filters check on:

  • Windshield washer fluid level
  • Engine oil level and condition
  • Brake fluid level and condition
  • Coolant reservoir levels
  • Hoses for heating, AC and coolant
  • Air filter inspection
  • Air conditioning and pollen filter check
  • Engine drive belts
  • AdBlue® fluid level (on some diesel models)

Exterior and drive components inspection on items such as:

  • Windshield condition
  • Wiper wear and spray nozzles
  • Electrical inspection (horns, signals, lights)
  • Condition of wheels/alloys
  • Paint and body condition

Suspension and drive components examination on:

  • Shocks/struts and suspension components
  • Steering and steering linkages
  • Exhaust system (leaks, damage, loose parts)
  • Transmission/clutch operation and linkages

Talk to your Volkswagen dealer about a Volkswagen multi-point inspection during your next visit. Individual dealers may choose to restrict, add or substitute some of the items.

Certified collision repair

Not all collision repair shops are the same. Volkswagen Certified Repair Facilities know your VW best, with service, parts and warranty protection tailored to your Volkswagen.

Why choose Volkswagen Certified Repair?

In the event of a collision, your insurance company can help with the claims process. But where you go for repairs is up to you.

Pro service

  • All labour is done by specially trained Volkswagen service technicians and technical support.

Original parts

  • Only a VW-certified Collision Repair Facility can source new, genuine Volkswagen parts.

Warranty protection

  • Get peace of mind knowing all work, including parts, meet your warranty.

Your collision checklist

  • Download our Collision Report for more details on VW-certified collision repair, insurance compliance and more
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Expert goes Express

Life moves fast, but we keep up. We’ve designed Service Express with quality, safety, and convenience at the forefront. You get all the things you love about VW service, like certified technicians, Volkswagen parts, and worry-free sanitization — all without an appointment! Find out which dealership near you offers Service Express to fast track your maintenance.

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