People are having a laugh inside an electric vehicle
People are having a laugh inside an electric vehicle
People are having a laugh inside an electric vehicle
People are having a laugh inside an electric vehicle

Surprisingly affordable

Surprisingly affordable

EVs are no longer niche. They’re becoming more affordable every day, and we’re here to show you how driving one is even more accessible.

Making the switch

A woman standing beside an electric vehicle

Join the charge towards sustainability

It’s time to be the change. And it can start with the vehicle you drive.

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This simple guide makes it easy

Embracing EVs has never been easier. Check out Plug N’ Drive to learn about making the switch and discover how government grants, low charging costs, and hassle-free payment options can benefit you.

Save money with every kilometre

Recharging a Volkswagen EV can cost much less than filling a vehicle up with gas. Some charge points are even free – so you can zip around town and pay absolutely nothing for the pleasure. The cost of electricity at charging stations varies depending on where you are, and the speed you’re recharging. However, charging at home might cost as little as $0.025/km.

Take a look at Electrify Canada’s charging station map to find your nearest one.

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Servicing electric vehicles

Servicing an EV is simpler than servicing a gas vehicle and that means it costs less – just another benefit of going electric. The fewer moving parts your vehicle has, the fewer things there are to maintain. Services, therefore, end up being easier and less frequent.

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Oil changes are a thing of the past

Unlike gas vehicles, EVs don’t need an oil change, and that can saves you time and money. However, for your peace of mind, and to make sure everything is running smoothly, we still see your vehicle on an annual basis.

Making our way to zero

Volkswagen is embracing the Paris Climate Agreement by committing to make all vehicles and production carbon- neutral by 2050. This ambitious plan includes an all-electric fleet by 2040, nation-wide EV charging infrastructure, and an $800-million investment in the North American plant in Chattanooga.

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Install a charging station at home

Once you’ve made the switch to electric, you’re going to want to install an at-home charging station, so you’re never far from a power boost for your new vehicle. Some provinces offer grants or subsidies for installing an EV charging station at home.