ID.4 on the road during the test-drive event

The All-Electric ID.4 Test-Drive Experience 

The first Canadian ID.4 test-drive tour that kickstarted our electric future.

The first Canadian ID.4 test-drive tour that kickstarted our electric future.

The all-electric ID.4 Test-Drive Experience has ended its first Canadian tour. Over 2 months, Dealerships in select provinces were able to have an open house for ID.4 enthusiasts to tour the vehicle for the very first time. And for a lucky few, the next day they were able to be the first test-drives in Canada. From the moment the ID.4 began its journey, it was clear Canadians and ID.4 were made for each other. 

But don’t take it from us, first-time ID.4 drivers couldn’t stop talking about what it was like! ID.4 test-driver David told us after test-driving the ID.4 that it ‘went up to the top of his list’. 

it’s a whole new driving experience
Mark L.

And Husband and Wife, Patrick & Maryanne, were happy to say if they could they’d put in an order for 2, while Maryanne joked it would even possibly be for 3! They’ve all been added to the growing list of eager customers awaiting delivery. However, those are only some of the things test-drivers had to say about the ID.4. To hear for yourself, watch our latest video where we captured some of the first reactions of test-drives during the all-electric ID.4 Test-Drive Experience! 


As you can tell, Canadians love the drive the ID.4 brings, and it’s hard not to see why. With instant torque, up to 400km range with Rear-Wheel Drive, available All-Wheel Drive, and the new MEB platform as the underpinnings of the vehicle, the ID.4 brings a drive like no other. As well, to bring us one step closer to a green era of electric mobility for all, we’re planting a tree for each person who came for the ID.4 test-drive tour.

So, if this is your first time hearing about the ID.4, and you want to get into one:

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Thanks again for the drive Canada, see you again very soon!