The future is electric

ID. 4

Sleek and stylish, our fast-charging electric crossover is planned for Canada in 2021.

Volkswagen electric
concept vehicles

Innovation has always been our driving force. Volkswagen is quickly becoming a leader in sustainable mobility, with a wide range of electric vehicles by 2025. At VW, our future combines cutting-edge technology, driver-first design, German engineering, and performance – electrified!

  • Quick charge: Charge up to 10 km per minute of DC charging.*
  • Go the distance: Travel up to an estimated 400 km** on a single charge.
  • Pure power: Full torque means instantaneous, powerful acceleration.
  • Hands-free: Experience autonomous driving modes, voice control, and more.

All the information on this page is based on internal preliminary estimates. All vehicle images are of concept vehicles. Exact figures and details may change in the production model.

ID. Buzz
At home anywhere

Whether it’s a compact car or SUV – our ID. family will be perfectly tailored to your needs. Take the ID. BUZZ, for instance. This electric van brings Volkswagen’s iconic camper van into the new era.

The ID. BUZZ is brimming with big ideas. A van, a mobile living space, or a creative hub – it can be almost anything you want it to be.

One of our big ideas in the ID. BUZZ is the variable space concept. This innovative interior design opens up new space for you and your family. Then, thanks to the AR head-up display, finding even the most remote spot is easier. Enjoy the freedom to discover the great outdoors and sleep under the stars, head to the coast to feel the sand between your toes, or simply visit an old stomping ground. When the ID. BUZZ welcomes you with your personalized greeting, it’s an invitation to explore.

The ID. BUZZ is a concept vehicle, so you'll still have to wait a while before you see it at auto shows across the country. But we’re working hard to ensure that it’ll be worth the wait.

To offer you total flexibility, we paid close attention to the ID. BUZZ’s use of space. This led us to create an interior design concept that includes an extra-roomy luggage compartment so you can fully stock up for the journey ahead.

Instead of typical round headlights, the ID. BUZZ comes with intelligent LED “eyes” that communicate with drivers and pedestrians. For instance, if you’re about to turn a corner, the headlights will point in the direction you’re heading. If the ID. BUZZ notices any pedestrians or cyclists on the edge of the road, it can look towards them and use subtle light signals to let them know you’re there.

Challenge acceptID

Make an impression. Without making an environmental impact.

The Volkswagen ID.R represents forward-looking electric mobility and its uncompromising performance potential.

In 2019, this emission-free racecar set a benchmark time on the demanding Tianmen Shan “Big Gate Road” mountain pass in China. With 99 hairpin corners and a maximum altitude of 1,110 m, this grueling course is no joke.

But that's not all. The best time for an EV on the most demanding racetrack in the world – the 20.8-kilometre Nordschleife of the Nürburgring – has also been beaten by the ID.R. With a time of only 6:05.336 minutes, the Volkswagen driver, Romain Dumas, was 40.56 seconds faster than the previous best time clocked by Peter Dumbreck – an emission-free record.

Successes such as these are the best evidence that it’s possible to make an impression without making an impact. #challengeacceptID

The ID.R's most important role is not to break the records on the world's toughest tracks, it’s to act as a role model and pace car for a whole generation of EVs to come.

When you want to break records, you don't only need a fast car. You need technical development that progresses even faster. Production cars have always benefited from ideas acquired in motorsports.

In the highly dynamic field of electric mobility, it’s even more true. And so every kilometre the ID.R runs, it sets the pace for the other ID. models.

Electrify Canada charging network

A new partnership between Volkswagen Group Canada and Electrify Canada is building ultra-fast, direct-current (DC) charging stations for electric vehicles right here at home. This transformative technology gives Canadians the speed and reliability they need to confidently switch to electric.

Plug into your electric future.

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Electrification is our future. But how did we get here? At Volkswagen Canada, our innovative drive has been turning heads and capturing hearts across Canada for generations.

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