A more sustainable site for a more sustainable future

Welcome to a more carbon-efficient digital experience

Welcome to a more carbon-efficient digital experience

Did you know that the internet has a carbon footprint?

It’s true. Every video, app and social post that you interact with adds to it—even web pages like this one. In fact, the average website produces 1.76 grams of CO2 per page view.* Meaning a site that gets just 100,000 monthly page views generates a whopping 2,110 kg of CO2 per year—the same amount produced by 87 barbecue tanks.

That’s why we created this web experience: to educate Canadians about sustainability in the digital world. By reducing our electric vehicle web pages to little more than black and white text—even the images—we’ve significantly lowered the amount of data embedded in them. Meaning it now takes less energy to transfer that data over the internet, effectively lowering the digital carbon footprint of these pages. Now you can read all of our sustainability-focussed content the way it was meant to be read: in the most carbon-efficient way possible.

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Electric vehicles

All about EVs

Everything you need to know about electric vehicles, making the switch and the future of e-mobility.

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The ID. Family

Our new and upcoming line of electric vehicles marks the start of a new era of e-mobility that’s accessible to all.

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Electrify Canada

Electrify Canada is on a mission to build an infrastructure of ultra-fast charging stations from coast to coast.

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The ID.4

With its iconic design and approachable cost, this electric vehicle is for everyone. Now we all have the ability to go electric and create a more sustainable world.

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Find the answers to all your electric vehicle questions here.

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Innovation and technology

The future is electric

Innovation has always been our driving force. That’s why we’re transforming into a leader in sustainable mobility with cutting-edge technology, driver-first design and German engineering—electrified!

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We’re building e-mobility for all with our ID. family. See how we apply a holistic concept and commit to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

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