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VW Canada Partners with Electrify Canada

Be the Change

VW Canada Partners with Electrify Canada

August 8, 2019

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. Investments in sustainable mobility made today will greatly affect future generations.

But giving up gas requires more than building electric cars. Now, more than ever, we require fast-charging infrastructure, so that you can simply pull over, charge up, and drive on.

This is why Volkswagen Canada has partnered with Electrify Canada: to build the much-needed fast-charging infrastructure that will allow Canadians to charge up their electric vehicle.

Construction begins this year, with 32 locations set to be built near major highways and in metro areas throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

Each EV charge site will include four charging bays, on average, allowing multiple vehicles to power up at once. Better still, the fast-charging DC technology is non-proprietary, meaning it’s accessible and compatible with virtually any electric vehicle, no matter the car brand.

This is a key difference compared to other EV charging networks. Our partnership with Electrify Canada is meant to increase mobility for all Canadians – not just Volkswagen drivers.

That said, there will soon be many VW drivers charging up at these stations. Today, the Volkswagen Group has more than 50 fully electric concept cars in development, including Volkswagen’s I.D. Series – the first of which is scheduled to hit Canadian roads by 2020.

These fast-charging stations will help make heading to the cottage, taking a weekend getaway, hitting the highway or simply commuting to and from work much easier, while benefitting the world around us.

Of course, building such infrastructure doesn’t come cheap. Long-term solutions never do. But it’s the right thing to do, and not just for Volkswagen Canada. Our future depends on enabling every electric car owner. It’s an investment beyond brand, one that will benefit all EV drivers.

This is why we decided to host our inaugural VW Leadership Forum – to discuss, in depth, the future of sustainable mobility in Canada.

Held at the 2019 Canadian International Autoshow, in Toronto, the forum included leading minds in mobility, including Electrify Canada’s COO, Robert Barrosa.

“Building Canada’s best EV-charging station is only the beginning. I’m thrilled to be part of the leadership team making it happen. Right here in Canada.”

Stay tuned for more news on our partnership, and all things electric.

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