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Fleet vehicles

15,000 km: that’s on average how far a Volkswagen can go between recommended maintenance stops. For your sales force, this means more time on the road and an increase in productivity. For you, it means employees who are twice as happy to be behind the wheel. Add to that the comprehensive warranty, impressive standard safety features, low cost of ownership, and excellent residual value,* and it’s easy to see why the 2017 Volkswagen Fleet will work harder to keep your business on the road. And if you’re still not convinced that you’re in good hands, just talk to one of our knowledgeable fleet dealers.

Some incentives to make your decision easier

With a Volkswagen Fleet, not only will you enjoy incredible fuel savings over the years, you’ll also enjoy competitive incentives right up front.

Basic fleet allowance
by model
2017 Jetta 
2017 Golf SportWagen 
2017 Golf Alltrack 
2017 Golf 
2017 Golf GTI 
2017 Golf R 
2017 Passat    
2017 Tiguan 
2017 Touareg    
2017 Beetle 

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