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2018 Tiguan

2018 Tiguan

With 4MOTION® from $31,175*

The newest Tiguan has advanced in leaps and bounds. It’s longer, roomier, techier, more stylish, and more refined than ever. There’s only one thing that hasn’t changed: it’s still the most spirited, versatile, and downright lovable SUV in its class.

From only $31,175


Pure exhilaration makes the Tiguan as fun to drive as it is versatile. With a powerful yet fuel-efficient turbocharged engine that runs on regular gas, along with uncompromising agility, handling, and control. Everything you need to amp up every adventure.


Variety is the spice of life, and the Tiguan is the tastiest SUV out there. With loads of options for carrying guests, gear, or both, adapting to any adventure has never been easier – or more fun.


Unrivalled versatility and fashionable finesse come together in the perfect blend that’s never bland. Rugged, refined, and just racy enough to raise a few eyebrows along the way.


Planning your next getaway is the easy part. Anticipating everything along the way, not so much. So we made sure the Tiguan features a rock-solid lineup of advanced safety systems to advance every journey with added reassurance.

  • LED headlights

    Available LED headlights with Adaptive Front‑light System1

    The Adaptive Front-light System features headlights that rotate 13 degrees in either direction. So when you turn the corner, so do your lights, letting you see more of what’s ahead.

  • Park Distance Control

    Available Park Distance Control1

    Keep the adventures on the road, not in the parking lot. Using ultrasonic sensors, Park Distance Control alerts you with audible signals if it detects obstacles up to 1.6 metres ahead, or behind you.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

    Available Adaptive Cruise Control1

    Maintain comfortable cruising speed and distance with automatic braking when traffic slows.* Once traffic starts moving again, just tap the gas pedal or the “Resume” button to return to your set cruising speed.

  • Area View 360°

    Available Area View 360°1

    Enjoy life’s pleasant surprises and minimize the unpleasant ones. With the Area View 360° system, four cameras sync together, offering you a seamless 360-degree view for added confidence everywhere.

  • Lane Assist

    Available Lane Assist1

    This invaluable feature recognizes vehicles and even road markings, alerting you to unsafe lane changes, or if you’re drifting out of your lane – even when it’s dark or foggy.

1. Driver assistance features. Drivers must continue to perform manual checks and pay full attention to the road and safe driving.


As if the Tiguan’s performance, versatility, and stunning good looks weren’t impressive enough. You also get mind-blowing multimedia, navigation, security, and digital connectivity, thanks to the available top-of-the-line tech that keeps humdrum firmly in check.

Original Accessories

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    Comfort and Protection

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    Digital Media Cables let you connect a variety of compatible devices to our Volkswagen sound system and charge while on the go.

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    Customize your Volkswagen to suit your style with the latest sport and design accessories.

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