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Golf SportWagen

Golf SportWagen

From only $24,195*

From across town to out of town, devour all life’s roads with the 2018 Golf SportWagen. Nimbler, and sportier than an SUV. The power and versatility to take along the whole gang, plus all the gear. And loaded with technology and safety features to help keep you connected – and protected.


When your itinerary is far from the ordinary, go for some extraordinary technology. Pack in available premium audio, satellite navigation, and smartphone synch-ready connectivity to enhance every adventure.


With ever-changing terrain comes ever-changing needs. So we made sure you get all the mix and match versatility, including multiple seating and cargo configurations, to adapt to any environment.


We don’t call it the Golf SportWagen for nothing. Everything about its performance impresses with sporty agility, keen cornering, quick pick-up, and superb traction and stability. You may just forget you’re driving a wagon.


Navigating rough terrain is infinitely more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by an oasis of stylish sophistication. So we designed the 2018 Golf SportWagen with the perfect blend of practical features and elegant amenities to keep your adventurous spirit firing on all cylinders.


Adventures often take you into uncharted territory. So we’ve made sure to pack in plenty of safety and driver assistance features to help minimize risks, keep you protected, and keep you exploring with confidence.

  • Front Assist

    Available Front Assist3

    It’s easy to get ahead in this sporty wagon. But if you’re getting ahead of yourself, radar sensors help warn you if it detects the risk of rear-ending the vehicle in front of you.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

    Available Adaptive Cruise Control3

    Cruise control is great for keeping the same speed. This system goes further, maintaining a safe distance. Without you touching the pedals, it automatically brakes when traffic slows, and resumes your set speed when traffic flows.

  • Park Assist

    Available Park Assist3

    Go ahead and grab that tight parking spot. Simply take your hands off the wheel, and Park Assist steers you in and out of parallel parking spots. Valet parking convenience – no tipping required.

  • Park Control

    Available Park Distance Control3

    Automatically engaged in reverse gear, Park Distance Control uses ultrasonic sensors and audible signals to let you know with when there’s something up to 1.6 metres behind you.

  • Light Assist

    Available Light Assist3

    When the sun goes down, your headlights automatically turn on, and dip when sensors detect oncoming vehicles above 60 km/h, sparing fellow drivers the harsh glare. It’s the polite light.

  • Rearview camera

    Standard rearview camera3

    The Volkswagen crest at the rear of the Golf SportWagen isn’t just for looks – unless you include looking backwards. It flips up and out of the way to reveal a rearview camera, offering a view of what’s behind.

3. Driver assistance features. Drivers must continue to perform manual checks and pay full attention to the road and safe driving.

Meet the family.


From only $24,400

  • Heated front seats
  • 16" Dover alloy wheels 6.5J x 16
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Composition Colour - 6.5" touchscreen radio
  • App-Connect smartphone integration (Android Auto, Apple CarPlay®, MirrorLink®)


Heated front seats
16" Dover alloy wheels 6.5J x 16
LED daytime running lights
Composition Colour - 6.5" touchscreen radio
App-Connect smartphone integration (Android Auto, Apple CarPlay®, MirrorLink®)
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