The GTI zipping down the street
The GTI zipping down the street
The GTI zipping down the street

2021 Golf GTI

This hatch brings the heat

This hatch brings the heat

Est. fuel consumption L/100 km1
7.9 Hwy ; 10.1 City
Auto award 
2020 Sport Compact Car of the Year


Highlights of the high-performing

The “fun” in functional

Widely acclaimed as the original “hot hatch”, the GTI delivers on that promise with a punchy 258 lb-ft of torque available from 1,500 rpm – just above idle – all the way up to 4,400 rpm. To ensure power can be efficiently channeled to the ground in any conditions, GTI features a standard “VAQ” electronically-controlled, mechanical limited slip differential that can sense torque and precisely control its distribution between the front wheels. It’s only one part of the fun-to-drive character that has made the Volkswagen GTI a legend.


228 horsepower turbocharged engine, Dynamic Chassis Control, and next-level agility. There’s no match for this hatch.

Dynamic Chassis Control

This advanced system allows you to adjust suspension and steering stiffness according to road conditions and driving style. So you get the optimal ride with your choice of preset driving modes, or mix and match to create your own.