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Breathtaking. Exhilarating. Astonishing. Behold the ultimate spine-tingling joyride. With pure muscle under the hood, high-octane high-tech enhancements, and dazzling design sure to quicken your pulse. The 2018 Golf R is everything you’re looking for in a performance hatch – provided you don’t blink and miss it.


In the 2018 Golf R, extraordinary performance is augmented by a full complement of innovative technologies designed to propel every drive to the next level. From premium audio, to first-class multimedia and navigation – even exceptional engine efficiency. Circuit-board smart. Racing-circuit inspired.


The 2.0 TSI® engine pumps out the kind of power previously unimaginable from such a small displacement. We’ve upsized the turbocharger, and bolstered the cylinder heads, exhaust valves, and pistons. Bottom line? Top-tier performance – from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds.


Impeccable fit and finish. Unquestionably assertive, with sporty styling engineered into every detail. Where over-the-top performance meets understated elegance. After all, true drivers know – when you got it, don’t flaunt it. Floor it.


Built for performance means engineered with safety systems that respond just as swiftly. So whether you’re cruising on the open road, or manoeuvring in and out of tight spaces, you can count on a multitude of sophisticated safeguards for added reassurance.

  • Park Distance Control

    Available Park Distance Control2

    The Golf R never lags behind – even when you’re backing up. Available Park Distance Control automatically engages in reverse gear, using ultrasonic sensors that alert you to obstacles up to 1.6 metres away with audible signals.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

    Available Adaptive Cruise Control2

    Just like it sounds, this cruise-control feature adapts to maintain a comfortable cruising speed and distance. Braking automatically kicks in when traffic slows, and cruising speed resumes when things pick up – all with your feet off the pedals.

  • Blind Spot Detection

    Available Blind Spot Detection with Rear Traffic Alert2

    When you’re focused on the road ahead, it’s easy to miss what’s beside or behind. Radar and sonar trigger driver alerts and employ braking to help address potentially tricky driving situations – invaluable assistance when changing lanes or parking.

  • Light Assist

    Available Light Assist2

    Innovation meets good road manners, automatically activating your headlights when darkness falls, and dipping them to help minimize harsh glare when sensors detect oncoming vehicles above 60 km/h.

2. Driver assistance features. Drivers must continue to perform manual checks and pay full attention to the road and safe driving.

Original Accessories

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    Comfort and Protection

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    Digital Media Cables let you connect a variety of compatible devices to our Volkswagen sound system and charge while on the go.

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    Sport and Design

    Customize your Volkswagen to suit your style with the latest sport and design accessories.

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    Load up your gear. ’Tis the season to pack it all in and head for the mountains.

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