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Golf Alltrack

Golf Alltrack

From only $34,345*

Rough roads don’t mean you have to rough it. With the 2018 Golf Alltrack, you can enjoy 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive confidence, cutting-edge technology, a stylish yet versatile interior, along with a turbocharged engine to take you practically anywhere – with power to spare.

From only $34,345


All-terrain, all-weather traction* and performance also comes with all the user-friendly technology you need to keep your digital connections, entertainment, navigation, and driver information on track, too.


Whether it’s more passengers, more gear, or even just more fresh air and sunshine, the 2018 Golf Alltrack offers all the flexibility you need. So not only will you never have to do the same commute exactly the same way, there’s always something new to explore – inside and out.


It’s hard to beat the feeling of supreme control and exhilarating performance you get with the 2018 Golf Alltrack. From 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive, to performance shifting, and off-road suspension. We’re talking serious off-roading with no trade-offs.


Rugged and sure-footed with good looks to match? Hello, Golf Alltrack. Distinctive styling, bold design cues, and classic Volkswagen refinement throughout make it equally comfortable everywhere from Front Street to the backwoods.


Adventures often take you into uncharted territory. So we’ve made sure to pack in plenty of safety and driver assistance features to help minimize risks, keep you protected, and keep you exploring with confidence.

  • Rearview camera

    Standard rearview camera2

    If you’ve ever wished you had eyes in the back of your head, you’ll love the rearview camera as standard equipment. It’s an invaluable assistant when backing up, helping you avoid obstacles you may not have seen in the mirrors or when turning your head.

  • Front Assist

    Automatic Front Assist with autonomous emergency braking2

    To avoid gaining on vehicles ahead too quickly, a radar sensor measures the distance and relative speed of vehicles in front of you. It provides you with a warning, and applies the brakes automatically if it detects the possibility of a rear-end collision.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

    Available Adaptive Cruise Control2

    Fast or slow, Adaptive Cruise Control helps keep the flow, maintaining constant speed and distance. Without touching the pedals, your Golf Alltrack automatically brakes when traffic slows,** and resumes your set speed when traffic starts moving again.

  • Lane Assist

    Lane Assist2

    This ingenious system keeps you in your lane, or helps you change lanes more safely and confidently. It detects vehicles and road markings, and alerts you to unsafe lane changes, even when it’s dark or foggy.

  • Park Assist

    Available Park Assist2

    That tight parking spot is yours. Take your hands off the wheel, and Park Assist automatically handles the parallel parking for you. How easy is that?

  • Park Distance

    Available Park Distance Control2

    Using ultrasonic sensors, Park Distance Control automatically engages when you’re in reverse, alerting you with audible signals when there’s something behind you up to 1.6 metres away.

  • Light Assist

    Available Light Assist2

    This system combines practicality and good road manners. It automatically activates your headlights when darkness falls, and dips them above 60 km/h to help minimize harsh glare for drivers.

2. Driver assistance features. Drivers must continue to perform manual checks and pay full attention to the road and safe driving.

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From only $34,345

  • 18" Canyon alloy wheels with all-season tires
  • Front fog lights with static cornering lights
  • KESSY - keyless access with push-start button
  • Leather seating surfaces


18" Canyon alloy wheels with all-season tires
Front fog lights with static cornering lights
KESSY - keyless access with push-start button
Leather seating surfaces
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