Volkswagen ID.4 – X-Ray view of the internal structure

Different from the ground up: the MEB

MEB is short for Modular Electric Drive matrix. No matter how you refer to it, it’s a powerful platform built for our EVs.

MEB is short for Modular Electric Drive matrix. No matter how you refer to it, it’s a powerful platform built for our EVs.

One modular platform, many models

Whether it’s a city car, SUV, or spacious seven-seater, the Modular Electric Drive matrix – known as the MEB platform – is intended to underpin every future Volkswagen EV.

This newly developed vehicle platform, designed specifically for EVs, makes the most out of the possibilities offered by the technology. In short, it means an emphasis on space, range, comfort, and convenience.

Space to grow

Volkswagen has rethought electric mobility from the ground up. An EV doesn’t need a combustion engine, gearbox, transmission tunnel, tank unit, or exhaust system.

This is good news for you from a design and engineering standpoint because EVs need less space than combustion vehicles. The wheelbase can be longer, the overhangs can be shorter, and the small electric motor can sit directly on the axles themselves.

This not only looks more dynamic but also provides the perfect base for every vehicle – from a compact car to a van.

In an EV that was designed from the ground up, you’ll experience a whole new sense of space, with more room for yourself, your passengers, and your cargo.


The perfect power system

At the heart of the ID. family lies its fast-charging battery system, which is protected and integrated into the floor of the EV to save space. This lowers the centre of gravity and creates a better distribution of weight, so you can enjoy exceptionally well-balanced and dynamic driving.

Volkswagen ID.4 – X-Ray view of the battery and chassis

Battery with a system

The Volkswagen high-voltage battery

Turning electricity into mobility might sound simple at first but is actually complex. This is why we’ve created a clear and comprehensible battery system in the MEB platform. After all, you should know what’s in your ID. family

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