EV News

Our North American EV plant is officially up and running

EV News

Our North American EV plant is officially up and running

See how Chattanooga is changing the EV game

Are you sitting down? We have some ID.4 news. Our American EV plant is now open in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But what does that mean for you? Well, it means your electric future is just around the corner.

With an estimated 7,000 EV’s being produced each month we’re putting the ooooh and the aaaah in Chattanooga. We even have plans to up that number in 2023. Oh Canada, that’s some good news. 

A woman walking on the street while the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 is parked on the electric charging station.

No ID.4 Dealers near you? Dealer updates coming soon.

“What if there aren’t any ID.4 Dealers in my area?” Don’t sweat it, we now have 96 ID.4 Dealers across the country that are officially available. Keep an eye out for more EV updates. 

Staffing up to meet demand

Our plant is currently employing over 4,000 workers, and we are actively recruiting another 1,000. That’s enough people to fill up a football field.

An ID.4 undergoing a wheel inspection

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