2019 Volkswagen Golf R looking aggressive in a garage
Why Volkswagen

Golf R vs. Golf R

Why Volkswagen

Golf R vs. Golf R

April 9, 2018

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Yuri and Jakub, from The Straight PipesOpen external link, go for a drive. But it’s not just any old drive. This dynamic duo gives audiences straight up, no holds barred reviews of new and used cars.

Recently, they pitted the 2018 Golf R manual against the 2018 Golf R DSG, which is our automatic transmission, against each other. The goal was to determine which is the better choice.

We realize that for many diehard sports car fans, manual is the only way to go. But recognizing that more and more families are opting for automatic transmissions, it didn’t seem fair that they miss out on all the fun. And so, 2018’s AJAC Award winner for best sports performance car, does come in your choice of manual or an automatic DSG transmission. And while you might think you know which is the right one for you, Open external linkYuri and Jakub’s review is worth a watch.

Why? Because it’s an honest, straightforward and candid review of everything Golf R offers, not just the transmissions. Get an up-close look at the digital cockpit, the infotainment system that connects you to Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™, Golf R’s five available drive modes and hear about how the standard 4MOTION® All-Wheel drive performs. According to Yuri, “It’s fantastic, I fully know what it’s going to do all the time, It’s very controllable. I love this”.

Jakub, who favours the DSG equipped Golf R, loves the launch control – which when activated, gets to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.6 seconds from a standstill.

The two even measure the Golf R against competitors, the Ford Focus RS, the Hyundai Veloster N, and the Honda Civic Type R and the Subaru WRX STI.

If you’re considering a new 2018 Golf R or are just looking for a sport performance car, this reviewOpen external link is one not to be missed.

The conclusion? Well, as Yuri states, “I fully get it.” I get Volkswagen Golfs and I get Volkswagen. I have zero complaints. I love this car.”

It’s true. You have to drive it to get it.

Model shown: 2019 Golf R