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Q: What are the current specials on your Volkswagen vehicles?

A: To view current special offers please visit this link specials and offers. You may also visit or contact the dealer of your choice for more details or call us at 1-800-DRIVE VW.

Q: Why is the price the dealer is giving me different from what I determined using the payment estimator on

A: All prices and payments are projected using the estimator. Volkswagen Canada sets out the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, but Volkswagen Dealers are free to establish their own prices. Any Dealer costs as well as other taxes are not considered in the estimated price. Please see your dealer for assistance and for detailed actual pricing.

Q: How can I get the vehicle history before I purchase a used Volkswagen?

A: You can obtain vehicle history by purchasing a Carfax or Carproof report by this link:

Q: Why are certain models configured differently in the U.S. versus Canada?

A: Volkswagen Canada configures its model line-up independently from other markets, based on the needs of Canadians and Canadian legal regulations.

Q: Can I purchase my Volkswagen vehicle directly from the manufacturer?

A: No. All of the retail sales of vehicles in Canada are done directly through the many Canadian Volkswagen dealers. Volkswagen Canada is the importer and is responsible for the warranties offered on Volkswagen vehicles. Click on the following link to find a dealer near you: find a dealer

Q: Where can I obtain information on Volkswagen Certified Pre-Loved vehicles?

A: To obtain more information regarding our Certified Pre-Loved vehicles, please visit one of our many authorized Volkswagen dealers, as they are the only ones who sell certified Pre-Loved Volkswagens. To get more information on the Certified Pre-Loved warranty, inspection, and to access the Certified Pre-Loved vehicle locator, please visit our website

Q: Where can I review the safety ratings for my Volkswagen?

A: Please review the safety rating of any Volkswagen by visiting using this link:

Q: Does Volkswagen support a mobility program?

A: Yes, we do offer a mobility program. For more details please call us at 1-800-822-8987.

Q: Which Volkswagen models are designed to tow a trailer?

A: We recommend towing with the Touareg, the Routan and the Tiguan, as they are designed with this function in mind. We offer trailer hitches for these 3 models. The hitch will be covered by a 4-year warranty if installed at the time of purchase or lease. Our other models are designed for passenger usage, and only some have trailer towing specification. Please refer to your Owner’s Manual or nearest dealer for more details.

Q: Are there any Volkswagen models that cannot tow a trailer?

A: Some models cannot tow a trailer, and this model-specific information is clearly stated in the Owner’s Manual under the technical specification in section 3.3.

Q: Why are certain models sold in Europe not offered in Canada?

A: One reason is that other markets have different emission and safety regulations. All vehicles sold in Canada meet or exceed the highest standards set by Transport Canada.

Q: Where can I obtain information about fuel economy, including CO2 footprint for my Volkswagen?

A: You can visit the Natural Resources Canada website

Q: Where can I find information regarding technical aspects of my vehicle?

A: (e.g.: 4MOTION, 4XMOTION, DSG, HomeLink, Navigation system, etc.) While visiting our website, please see the Innovation section by clicking on the Inside VW tab.

Q: I would like to know the delivery date of the vehicle I just ordered. Who can provide me with the most updated information?

A: For the most up-to-date delivery information, please visit your dealership. They have access to our distribution system and support team to source the latest details.

Q: How can I obtain more information about a specific model without going to a dealership?

A: While on our website, you can access specific model information. You can also download a brochure from our website using this link
You can even send us your questions via the “Contact Us” section or call 1-800-DRIVEVW.