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In this section you find answers to frequently asked questions. And less frequently asked ones. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, because we’re obsessed with precision.

Q: How can I order a new Owner’s Manual?

A: You may order it online using this link:

Q: Does Volkswagen offer extended warranty contracts?

A: Yes we do, thanks to our Volkswagen Protection Plus™ extended warranty program. Details are available at your preferred Volkswagen dealer, or by using this link.

Q: Where can I read about fuel-saving tips for my Volkswagen?

A: You may refer to your Owner’s Manual for fuel-saving tips or visit the Office of Energy Efficiency website.

Q: I received a recall notice concerning my vehicle. What should I do?

A: Please contact your authorized Volkswagen dealer and arrange for an appointment as soon as possible so this service can be performed free of charge. Please keep in mind that your dealer may need additional time for preparing the update as well as adjusting their daily workshop schedule.

Q: If I add rust proofing to my Volkswagen will this void the corrosion warranty?

A: Volkswagen models come with factory-installed rust protection. There is no reason to apply additional rust proofing unless the surface is damaged. Please keep in mind that foreign products used for rust proofing may not be compatible with factory products, and that this may in turn have an adverse effect on the protection.

Q: I recently moved and would like to know how to update my address with Volkswagen Canada?

A: If you change your address, please complete one of the Notice of Address Change postcards in the middle of the Warranty section and mail it to Volkswagen Canada. Additional postcards can be obtained from any authorized Volkswagen dealer. You can also contact our Customer CARE Department at 1-800-822-8987. They will be happy to assist you with your change of address.

Q: I recently purchased a previously owned Volkswagen and would like to know how I can change the ownership information with Volkswagen to get any future campaign information applicable to my vehicle.

A: If you purchase a previously owned Volkswagen, please complete one of the Used Car Purchase postcards in the middle of the Warranty section and mail it to Volkswagen Canada. Additional postcards can be obtained from any authorized Volkswagen dealer. You can also contact our Customer CARE Department at 1-800-822-8987. They will be happy to assist you with your change of ownership.

Q: What is AdBlue urea solution?

A: AdBlue is a trade name for AUS32, which is essentially a 32.5% urea solution mixed with dematerialized water. A required operating fluid stored in a separate reservoir, this diesel fluid is injected into the exhaust system. Therefore it is not a diesel fuel additive and is never to be added or mixed with the fuel. AdBlue is a relatively clear synthetically manufactured solution that contains ammonia, and is corrosive to some metals. It is used in conjunction with Selective Catalytic Reduction exhaust treatment to promote NOX conversion into nitrogen and water.

Q: What Volkswagen models run on the E85 ethanol blend?

A: Only our VW Routan model runs on the E85 ethanol blend. All of our other Volkswagen models run on the E10 ethanol blend. which is 10% ethanol.

Q: Can my Volkswagen run on regular 87 octane?

A: The recommended gasoline octane rating for your engine is listed on a label located on the inside of the fuel filler flap. This rating may be specified according to AKI (CLC) or RON (ROZ) standards. The blend must contain no more than 3% methanol, no more than 15% MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) and must contain more than 2% co-solvents.

Q: My Owner’s Manual recommends mineral oil for my Volkswagen but can I use synthetic oil instead?

A: The real importance is to use engine oil that meets or exceeds the specification listed in your Owner’s Manual for your engine application. It is as important to follow the recommended interval based on kilometers or time, whichever occurs first. Using synthetic oil that meets or exceed the specification for your Volkswagen is best based on the advantages synthetic oil offers. Please ask your dealer for more details.

Q: What is the best way to wash my vehicle?

A: Regular and expert care helps a vehicle keep its value. The best way to protect a vehicle against environmental damage is to wash it often. For more information, you can refer to section 3.2 (Tips and Advice) of your Owner’s Manual.

Q: How can I prevent my door locks or windows from freezing in the winter?

A: Lock cylinders can freeze up in the winter. To de-ice the door lock cylinder, we recommend using a special spray to replenish lubricating oils and protect against corrosion. Ask your authorized Volkswagen dealer for assistance. The rubber seals on the doors, windows, etc., will stay soft and flexible, and will seal better and last longer if they are treated with a suitable rubber-care product. Caring for rubber seals will also help prevent premature aging and leaks. The doors will be easier to open. If rubber seals are well maintained, they will not freeze as easily in winter.

Q: What is top tier gasoline?

A: Top tier gasoline is the premier standard for gasoline. Gasoline quality impacts on engine behaviour, efficiency, performance and service life. For this reason you should always use good-quality gasoline containing the proper additives. These additives will help to prevent corrosion, keep the fuel system clean, and prevent deposits from building up in the engine. More information can be found using this link:

Q: Where can I find my maintenance schedule online for my Volkswagen?

A: A tool to determine when your next maintenance is due will soon be available on Until then, please refer to the maintenance schedule included with your Owner’s Manual. Or if you prefer, please contact the Volkswagen dealer of your choice to answer your question as well as book your next maintenance appointment.

Q: Does Volkswagen provide a loaner vehicle while my vehicle is in for repairs?

A: Loaner coverage is part of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period valid for 4 years or 80,000km, whichever occurs first. This coverage includes rental provision for warranty-related car-down situations, which cannot be repaired the same day.

Q: Who can help me make sure my child seat is properly installed?

A: Consult the child seat manufacturer’s instructions to be sure the seat you selected is the right seat for your child’s size, and for the correct installation. You can also find more information about child seats in section 2.1 of your Owner’s Manual. If you would like for someone to assist you in securing a child seat in your vehicle, click on the following link to find a list of authorized Volkswagen dealers with Sit Safe specialists. Then click on the “Only show me…” pull-down menu in the bottom left hand corner of the page and select “Authorized Sit Safe Dealers.” For more information about Sit Safe, please call Volkswagen Customer Care: 1-800-822-8987. You can also contact your local police station, fire station, or community centre to inquire about child seat clinics in your area.

Q: Can I install a child seat or booster in the outer rear seating position right next to the rear side airbags?

A: The side airbags installed for the front seating positions and the rear outboard positions have been designed and certified to help reduce the risk of injury that can be caused by airbags when they inflate, particularly when the occupant sitting next to it is not seated properly. The side airbag for the front seat and rear side airbags can be used with properly installed child restraints. Please be sure to read the important information and warnings whenever using a child restraint in a vehicle in section 2.1 of your Owner’s Manual.

Q: I have questions about airbags. Where can I learn more?

A: You can find extensive airbag information in section 2.1 of your Volkswagen’s Owner’s Manual. For further information on the workings of airbags, you can visit How Stuff Works. For more detailed information on airbag safety, please visit

Q: How do I move the wipers out of the way to clean the base of the windshield on my new Volkswagen?

A: The windshield wipers will move to the service position if you switch the ignition on briefly, switch it off again, then press the windshield wiper lever down on the steering column. Once in the service position, the base of the windshield is easily accessible for cleaning and the wipers can be moved away from the glass so that they do not freeze to the windshield. You can find more information on this feature in sections 3.1 and 3.2 of your Owner’s Manual.