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Add performance, subtract emissions

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a clear liquid active cleansing agent added to the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system in your Volkswagen TDI Clean Diesel to help it further reduce NOx emissions. Proper maintenance of the SCR system ensures optimal performance of the TDI Clean Diesel engine—producing ultra low emissions without compromising performance.

Is it safe?

Yes. AdBlue is completely safe when handled by the maintenance team at your dealership although it can be potentially corrosive to the exterior paint or interior materials after prolonged exposure. For this reason the bottle has been specially designed to make it virtually impossible to spill AdBlue during refill.

How do I know if I am running low?

A warning light will first appear advising you to “Please refill AdBlue!” when you have approximately 2,400 km of driving capacity remaining. You should schedule a visit to your dealer soon. A second warning will appear when you have 1,000 km capacity left.* At this point you should avoid making a long journey until your dealer has refilled the tank with AdBlue.

How do I fill it up?

Your dealer will top up your TDI Clean Diesel engine with AdBlue with every scheduled maintenance visit. We recommend doing this every 15,000 km.

Where do I buy AdBlue?

Every brand-new Passat TDI Clean Diesel and Touareg TDI Clean Diesel comes with a full tank of AdBlue. It is possible to top up the tank yourself in emergency situations though we recommend bringing your vehicle to your dealer so that they can do it for you. Extra bottles can be purchased at your dealer if required. Two 1.89 litre bottles are required to turn off the warning light on your dashboard display.

What happens if I run out completely?

Your TDI Clean Diesel is designed to meet very stringent emissions standards—some of the toughest in North America. As such, a three-level warning system is in place to ensure your AdBlue is always topped up. In the unlikely event that you do completely run out, however, you can easily refill the tank yourself. Just be sure to read the directions in the owner’s manual first.

Where can I find out more about AdBlue, and TDI Clean Diesel technology?

Your dealer will be more than happy to tell you everything you need to know.

  • * Please see your owner’s manual for more details.