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Press Room

  • Volkswagen Canada Partners with JUNO Awards
    02-Feb-2016 | Company
    Volkswagen Canada Partners with JUNO Awards

    AJAX, ON – February 2, 2016 –– Volkswagen Canada has long been a supporter of great Canadian music, and this year is pleased to be recognized at the official automotive partner of the 2016 JUNO Awards.

  • 04-Aug-2015 | Company
    Volkswagen Powers the Canadian Road Trip

    AJAX, ON – August 4, 2015 –– When most Canadians think of summer, a well-deserved vacation often comes to mind. With long road trips being a part of so many family plans, it is no wonder that sales at Volkswagen Canada during the month of July were as strong as they were. A total of 6,618 new cars and light trucks were sold by the company, many of which have likely already taken part in their first cross-country adventure. Year-to-date sales of 43,592 put the company on pace for yet another annual record and are 14% ahead of last year’s total (38,322).

  • 20-May-2015 | Touareg
    Taking a Touareg of the Sierra Nevada Mountains

    Southern Spain isn’t a place one gets to quickly, especially from the west coast of Canada.

    Trekking across the Atlantic Ocean, arriving late in Frankfurt with only forty minutes to connect to our flight to Malaga, resulted in a dash though the airport. Slumping into my seat, sweaty and tired I awoke a half hour before landing looking out the window at the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the location of our off-road experience the following day.

  • 19-May-2015 | GTI
    2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI

    When I found out I would be testing the 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI, I immediately became giddy with excitement. Picture a teenage girl winning VIP tickets to a Justin Bieber concert, yup same feeling. It's no secret I love hatchbacks. Ask around the office and I've owned quite a few. But, it’s also no secret that in Canada we've always only had a select few to choose from, let alone a proper "hot" hatch. Oddly enough, we've been lucky to witness the evolution of arguably one of the most iconic hot hatches ever, the Golf GTI.

  • 19-May-2015 | CC
    Review: 2015 Volkswagen CC

    "Umm, cubic centimetres, carbon copy, Coco Chanel??" yelled my colleagues as they playfully brainstormed what the CC moniker could stand for. A little thing called Google told me that Volkswagen dubs it the Comfort Coupé. They were close enough I guess. In fact, it used to be called the Passat CC, but the paternal Passat filed for emancipation - a classic strategy so Volkswagen could market their elongated mid-size sedan upstream into the $30-40k range. Lo and behold its new identity, the Volkswagen CC.

  • 16-May-2015 | Tiguan
    2015 Volkswagen Tiguan 4Motion Comfortline

    Off to a great start, just like every VAG product based on the Golf’s platform, the Tiguan was available in a variety of trim levels and the choice between AWD (4Motion) and FWD. Today, pricing has become a bit aggressive, as at just $24,990 you can get into a Trendline FWD model, while our test vehicle was a Comfortline 4Motion (AWD) with a base price of $34,700. However, it came with some extra toys worth $3,825 (Technology and Appearance packages) reaching a grand total of $38,525.

  • 08-May-2015 | CC
    2015 Volkswagen CC: Outside The Curve

    Not quite ready to park a full-on family sedan in the driveway, yet need a rear seat that can handle the day-to-day demands of shuttling kids & co? The 2015 Volkswagen CC continues to offer a style-focused alternative to the standard four-door answer to the commuting question. Based on the surprisingly roomy Passat, the VW CC shrinks down some of the practicality of its mid-size platform-mate but in the process introduces a level of elegance missing from the more traditional German sedan.

  • 07-May-2015 | Touareg
    2015 Volkswagen Touareg: Crossing The Sierra Nevada

    They say that what makes a drive memorable is not so much the vehicle you’re driving as the route you take. Many manufacturers offer diverse programs that afford their clients unique experiences. What would you say to a ride across the Moroccan desert at the wheel of a Touareg, a thrilling experience driving a Scirocco on an exciting race track or improving your winter driving skills in a Golf R on a frozen lake in Sweden? That’s the kind of unique experience that Volkswagen offers.

  • 06-May-2015 | Golf
    Driven: 2015 VW Golf 1.8 TSI

    So much fun, so little fuel.

    As we’ve seen from cars such as the Honda Fit or Mitsubishi Mirage, getting a car with fuel consumption in the 7.0 to 8.0 litre per 100-kilometre range isn’t impossible.

  • 05-May-2015 | Beetle
    A Mother’s Day story in a Volkswagen Beetle

    Sometimes even a grown man needs his mom.

    Which is why, when I was looking for an opinion on a Volkswagen Beetle, I would always consult our resident VW expert – my mother.